The Effect of The Use of Gadgets for Children

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

The effect of the use of gadgets for children

  1. Cultural aspects

Positive impact

  • With the use of gadget, children can communicate with their friends easily
  • Children can make many friend from different country through social media easily
  • Many games that educate and train their creativity that children can play

Negative impact

  • Can lead to dependence on the internet if a child is using it too often
  • Children can easily access many sites with content of pornography
  • With the number of games that can be downloaded on the gadget, can cause children too often play games and be rarely communicate with the outside
  • Causing a variety of traditional games to be forgotten because of the many new games that appear on the gadget

2.educational aspects

Positive aspects

  • Through a dedicated Internet gadgets, children can find a variety of information quickly and instantly via the Internet
  • Access to knowledge resources easily accessible with many applications that are supplied by gadget

The negative impact

  • with very easy access to a wide range of knowledge through gadgets, children begin to get used to lazy to read books

3.characteristic of the nation

positive impact

  • through the technology that the gadgets have, children can follow the development of the era that continues to evolve
  • with gadgets, children can easily find a variety of information about traditional cultures that exist in Indonesia

negative impacts

  • Young children are too fast to know the technology will become precocious. Children can lose innocence and explore many things beyond their understanding.
  • Many types of video games featuring scenes of violence .Children will feel that violence is a normal thing that happens in life.

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